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General Information

The 17th Online World Conference on Soft Computing in Industrial Applications (WSC17) will be held on the Internet from 10th to 21st December 2012. Continuing a tradition started over a decade ago by the World Federation of Soft Computing, the WSC17 conference aims at bringing together outstanding research and developments in the field of soft computing (evolutionary computation, fuzzy logic, neural networks, Bayesian networks, and their fusion) and its applications, from across the world. Papers will be published on-line with the dual benefits of rapid dissemination and reduced cost.

As with the previous conferences, papers accepted and presented at the WSC17 conference will also be published by Springer within the Advances In Intelligent and Soft Computing series as an edited volume after the conference. Furthermore, significantly revised and extended versions of selected papers from the conference will be invited for a "fast track" submission to the Elsevier Science Applied Soft Computing Journal.

During the conference, interactive discussions are hosted between the authors and participants over the Internet. The registration to the conference is open to all (academics, students and industrial/commercial parties) and is completely free of charge.

Conference discussion board is now open.

(to remain open until January 31)

Camera-ready submission instructions are availble here.